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How to use Bias SoundSoap to remove hums and noise from an audio or video file- My Review

I wanted to share a quick solution to a common and irritating problem when recording audio and video.  You know when you get the perfect video shot and you pack up your equipment or hang up the Skype Call for an interview.   You then start processing the audio or videos and realize that there are hums, AC noise in the background that you did not hear while recording.  This really makes a great video or audio recording sound really bad.   Well after spending countless hours scouring forums, Google search,  experiment with my Protools Invert plugin,  I came across Bias SoundSoap audio restoration software.   Below is a quick video I put together on how to quickly and easily remove hums, AC background noise,  etc. from a Video in less than two minutes using SoundSoap.   

Lesson #5 Webcams and Online Safety

Technology is an amazing thing. Computers these days can do everything but serve you coffee. With so many new bells and whistles, computers and the Internet have become hunting grounds for child predators. They attempt to reach your child through your computer and they can use webcams to do it.

It’s as if The Jetsons are alive and living in the 21st century. You can actually talk to someone through your computer and see them face to face. Using webcams, video equipment and microphones, kids can project their image across cyberspace.

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