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Top Cycling Movies aka Riding Movies Review

The Flying Scotsman cycling Movie poster

The Flying Scotsman cycling Movie poster

I was on the phone with a cycling buddy of mine and we got into discussing our favorite cycling movies.   We could only come up with four cycling movies that had a substantial cycling theme included with the story.   Here are the four we came up with and my take/review on the movie.  Please post your favorite riding movie in the comment section below.

American Flyer

This is an excellent movie to watch and train indoors with during the off season.  The movie has lots of sprint and break away scenes that will leave your heart rate elevated for a long time and your legs filled with lactic acid (the burn).  I thought the story line was excellent also.   I have watched this movie about 20 times so far.  I need to go on e-bay and find a Specialized Allez bike to restore.  What is your favorite vintage bike?  Leave a comment below.

Which Apple Mac computer do you recommend I buy Andre?

The question I get asked all the time by my friends is, “Which Apple Mac computer do you recommend I buy Andre?”.   While there is no one answer for this question,  I decided to put my recommendations to my friends down on paper.    For starters,  it all depends on what you will use the Mac for.    If it will be just for web browser, reading e-mail and the occasional word processor box then I recommend you get the cheapest Apple or even a used one from a trusted friends who is into Macs.

Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

The cheapest Mac at the moment is the Mac Mini around $599 or so.   It is the size of five stacked CDs.  All you need would be your existing keyboard, mouse and monitor from your old computer.   It does not include a webcam.  If you plan to expand into multimedia then you would go with a higher end notebook or desktop Apple with a dedicated video card and more memory capacity.  Below I provide my recommendations based on the purpose  that you plan to use the Mac for.

Free Copy of e-book: Training and Nutrition Insiders Secrets for a lean body

Okay folks, it is not too late to look great this summer. For those of you who know me, know that I love to eat and have a great time. However, I also exercise to stay in shape. So I am always being asked by friends, clients and associates  for tips on getting in shape.   Anyway,  I have some great news for you today.   What is the great news you ask?

Glenn Brunette’s releases the new Sun Solaris 10 Security Deep Dive Presentation

Glenn Brunette
Glenn Brunett the Super Security Guy from Sun

Glenn Brunette of Sun  just released his latest presentation on the Security features of Sun Solaris 10.  If you are not familiar with Sun, they are the people that run most of the major commercial/government database software on their computing platform.  The presentation contains lots of practical information to secure your Solaris 10 operating system.  I just got this update via twitter from Glen.   Check it out now.

NEW: Solaris 10 Security Deep Dive Presentation : Glenn Brunette’s Security Weblog.