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Books I like on the stock market

Here is a list of books I have found to be on point in buying and selling stocks. Most of these books agree on the following basic principals:
1. 75-85% of stocks follow the general market trend
2. Don’t buck the odds, follow the market
3. Don’t buy cheap stocks
4. Buy stocks moving up in price and not down
5. Watch the volume of the stocks to confirm increased institutional investor sponsorship
6. Don’t depend on the talking heads on CNBC (etc. etc.) to get your stock tip
7. Hold your winners and cut your losers

Family visit

Family visit to Shawn’s new house in PA for boxing day. From left to right: Mom, Tamara (Shawn’s daughter), Mondi, Sekayi and Roxanne. Posted by Picasa

Funny thing about going to the gym unprepared

I got to the gym today and forgot my towel. What a predicament! What’s a guy to do? Do I go home and get a towel and loose 1-2 hours? Do I use a shirt? How about a sweat shirt? Lo and behold I took a shower and used a sweat shirt, I was surprised that the flannel does not absorb a lot of water. But I am clean and dry now 8-0 .

Moral of the story, I need to create a checklist for the gym. It wa

Why rest and nutrition are important

I felt like crap in the gym today. My workout lacked energy and direction. How can this be you ask? Well, I only had 4 hours of sleep and my pre-workout drink did not have enough carbs. Carbs are an essential building block for your body. You body burns carbs to produce energy. You also need close to 8 hours of sleep. My solution to this problem will be to go bed by 10:30 PM and prepare my preworkout drink the night before.

5 months today

I can’t believe that my little guy turned 5 months today. Mom and I are very proud of our little bundle of joy Sekayi. Here is a recent photo of Sekayi and my beautiful wife Mandinema. I am truly blessed to have these two in my life.

My new Avatar

Yahoo! Avatars

Check out my new avatar from Yahoo. Andy is my Avatar’s name, he is pretty cool and down to earth and goes to the gym three times a week.

Tips on weight loss

I came across this great article about staying fit. Here is an extract from it:

“Lots of people lose weight on very low carb diets. Very few keep it
off. I’ve seen people go on massive, uncontrollable binges of
doughnuts, pizza and Ben & Jerry’s (Chunky Monkey!), gaining 30
pounds in less than seven days after coming off a very low carb
diet.” — Tom Venuto

Visit his website at