How to create a blog using WordPress in less than 10 minutes

In this lesson you will learn the steps to create a new WordPress blog using the DreamHost Conrol Panel. There are other more complicated ways to install WordPress on DreamHost, but the DreamHost Control Panel really makes life simple.

Login to the Dream Host Panel


Type in the address for the DreamHost Panel http://panel.dreamhost

Login to the Control Panel


Enter your e-mail address , password and then click on Log In to access the DreamHost Panel


Click on One-Click Installin the side bar


The other alternative step is to click on the Free Website Software to get to the install software screen


Select the green arrow to Install new website software – Advanced mode or just click on the Install new website software – Advanced mode

Select the software to install


Select WordPress as the software you would like to install

Select the directory and website to install WordPress to


1. Select the domain to install WordPress to

2. Enter the sub directory to install WordPress. Make sure that the directory does not exist. You don’t want to overwrite existing content e.g. an old

3. Click on he Install for me now! button to start the installaton of WordPress.

In this example we are installing WordPress o the /testlab directory on the website.

Installation Successful


You will receive this screen after the installation. You will need to check your e-mail address you have on file for the next configuration step. It does take about 10 minutes for the e-mail to show up.

Email Delivered from the Installer


Create your Admin User


Create your Blog Title and Administrator e-mail for notifications


Complete the WordPress Installation


Click on Install WordPress to finish the installation.

Create the Administrator user


Please make sure you write down the Admin user’s password.

Log In to the WordPress Dashboard


Enter the admin user and password you wrote down in the last step here and click on the Log In Button

Change the default password or keep it


You will have a chance to change the generated admin password. In this tutorial you will select option two “No Thanks” to not change the password. I do suggest that you create a new password.

Finish and access the WordPress Dashboard


That is all there is to it people. I hope you found this lesson useful. Leave a comment below if you found this tutorial useful.


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