How to enable threaded comments in WordPress

I wanted to share a cool tip to enable threaded comments in WordPress.  Why would you want to have threaded comments allows you to follow along in a conversation on a blog or web post.  Instead of guessing if a reply to a question or comment is related, you will now be able to see it directly below the related comment.

To enable this in WordPress, Log in to your WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussions -> Select Enable Threaded (nested) comments and apply the settings.   See the image below for what the discussion settings screen looks like.

Enable threaded comments in Wordpres

enable WordPress threaded comments

Here is an example of what a threaded comment in WordPress looks like

Example WordPress Threaded Comment

Example WordPress Threaded Comment

Hope you found this tip useful.  Leave a comment below if you liked this tip, or know some additional WordPress tips you would like to share.



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