How to stop Websites from resizing your browser window

Have you ever browsed to a new  website and all of a sudden, wham  your browser window gets resized?  Or they made modifications to your status bar or menu bars?   I find these websites very annoying.  Did the web designer take my feelings into consideration?  I had my browser window set to the perfect  size for me you moron!  Why do you (Mr. Webmaster/Mistress) feel the need to modify  my browser window?   Anyway, so much for my little rant.  Here is how you fix this in Firefox:

Go to your preferences windows and click on the Content tab. If you don’t know how to do this, here are the instructions on how to get to your Firefox JavaScript preferences.

For Windows users click on your menu bar: Tool -> Options -> Content.

For Mac users click on your menu bar:  Firefox -> Preferences -> Content

You should now have the window below on your screen.


Figure 1. Firefox Preferences window

Click on the Advanced button.  See Figure 1 above.  The new window (Figure 2.) shows my current setting.

Notice the “Move or resize existing windows” is selected?


Figure 2. Firefox Javasript Options

Now all I have to do is choose the options I don’t want enabled.   Just toggle (uncheck/check) the check boxes you wish to change.


Figure 3. Firefox Javasript Options

I decided to uncheck all of the options, as I don’t want my Browser window resized or my menu changed.

Click the OK button to save your changes.

Here is the official Firefox JavaScript explanation of the options.  Hope you are now happy that your windows will never be resized again. 😎

For the Internet Explorer (IE) users there is no option to disable window resizing.  The only option you have as an IE user is to disable JavaScript.


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