Learn how I made an extra $5000/year by reading this book

For all my friends who are looking for a job or thinking about switching jobs, please pick-up a copy of this book from Amazon.  Knock Em Dead. It will help you to polish up your interviewing and negotiating skills.   You will thank me.  This book will help you with every aspect of the interviewing and negotiation process.

Let me share a story with you about my first job out of college many years ago. The company I wanted to work for HP, had made the lowest offer.   I followed the process in the book dealing with salary negotiation without “pissing” off your future boss.   With a little back and fort  I was able to  negotiate an extra $5000/year.  I worked for HP for two years.  That is a whopping $10,000 for reading a sub $20 book at that time.  This book now cost $10.  Can you afford not to read this book?  What is the ROI on that?  Is that a 1000% ROI?   Can you get that in the stock market?  I now have my own company , but I still continue to use the techniques learned in the book to negotiate deals all the time.

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