My List of Recommended Products


I host multiple websites on DreamHost and HostGator.   I love the fact that you can have multiple websites and not have to pay extra.  Most of the other hosting companies charge you per domain.  With DreamHost and HostGator you pay the same flat monthly fee.  Stop using a or and get your own custom website address now e.g.

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I cut a special deal with Dreamhost to give you some cool freebies.  Go over to DreamHost and see all that they offer including, WordPress, Joomla, Bulletin Boards, Web Calenders and free unlimited domains.   Click on the Sign-up button.    This will get you a FREE domain name registration (saving you $10) to any plan signed up for with it!  You will also get a $75 Google Adwords coupon.  You will also get  10% bonus to the disk space of any plan signed up for with it!



If you have a business with a website then you need to capture leads and contacts for your business.   I use OptimizePress all the time.



Check out HostGator too.  They offer unlimited domains and all the major blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc.

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