Funny thing about going to the gym unprepared

I got to the gym today and forgot my towel. What a predicament! What’s a guy to do? Do I go home and get a towel and loose 1-2 hours? Do I use a shirt? How about a sweat shirt? Lo and behold I took a shower and used a sweat shirt, I was surprised that the flannel does not absorb a lot of water. But I am clean and dry now 8-0 .

Moral of the story, I need to create a checklist for the gym. It wa

Why rest and nutrition are important

I felt like crap in the gym today. My workout lacked energy and direction. How can this be you ask? Well, I only had 4 hours of sleep and my pre-workout drink did not have enough carbs. Carbs are an essential building block for your body. You body burns carbs to produce energy. You also need close to 8 hours of sleep. My solution to this problem will be to go bed by 10:30 PM and prepare my preworkout drink the night before.

5 months today

I can’t believe that my little guy turned 5 months today. Mom and I are very proud of our little bundle of joy Sekayi. Here is a recent photo of Sekayi and my beautiful wife Mandinema. I am truly blessed to have these two in my life.

My new Avatar

Yahoo! Avatars

Check out my new avatar from Yahoo. Andy is my Avatar’s name, he is pretty cool and down to earth and goes to the gym three times a week.

Tips on weight loss

I came across this great article about staying fit. Here is an extract from it:

“Lots of people lose weight on very low carb diets. Very few keep it
off. I’ve seen people go on massive, uncontrollable binges of
doughnuts, pizza and Ben & Jerry’s (Chunky Monkey!), gaining 30
pounds in less than seven days after coming off a very low carb
diet.” — Tom Venuto

Visit his website at

That sleepy feeling

Did you every wake up in the morning and felt like staying in bed?   I am feeling lazy today.   I wish it was possible to bottle up that feeling in the morning when you wake up and sell it.  You know what I am talking about?  The half sleepy, comfy feeling, the world is a great place feeling?  How much would something like that be worth?

Lose that belly fat!!

Okay folks, there is no excuse when it comes to losing weight. You have to make a choice about where you want to go. First be realistic about what you want to do. Most people make statements like, ” I want to loose weight”! What exactly is this? You really need to be specific. A realist statement would be, ” I will loose 20 lbs in 6 months”. If it took you 10 years of bad eating and no exercise to get to where you are today, then don’t expect to loose all the weight in 6 weeks. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Record everything you eat for two weeks. You now have a baseline of the type of food that makes you gain weight.

Eat smaller meals ( 5-6) a day, think balanced meal: 1 parts green stuff (greens, beans etc), 1 parts meat ( no oil and skin please) , 1 parts carbs (rice, pasta, potatoes). What is a 1 part? It should be about the size of your palm. Read the book ‘Body for Life’ to get some help.

Stop drinking sodas and fruit juices – did you know that a 16 oz can of Soda has close to 70 grams of sugar. Lets do the math. 1 tea spoon of sugar is equal to 4 grams. So divide 70 grams of sugar by 4 grams and boom you just swallowed 17.5 tea spoons of sugar!! The last time I checked, the average person used about 1-3 tea spoons of sugar in their tea or coffee.

Start reading food labels. I know most people never really read the label on the foods they consume. Labels can be misleading. They usually give you per/serving nutrition info. Most canned items contain 1-3.5 servings.

Stop eating carbs at night.

Convince a friend to join the gym with you. You are more likely to show up to the gym if you have someone waiting for you.

Stop watching TV and go for a quick walk around the block. The average American will watch 13 straight years of TV when they die!

IM me if you need help with your diet. My IM id is myatfraser (AIM)

PC security for Joe Home User

Came across this article from SecurityMonkey on why it is important to secure your new computer before attaching it to the Internet. Do you know that it takes about 2-5 minutes for a news Windows PC to be hacked on the Web? It is important that you install a security, anti-spyware and anti-virus tools before connecting your computer to the Internet. SecurityMonkey’s blog is worth reading once in a while to find out what is happening in the Security Forensics world.