Lesson #4 Parents do you know the Chat Room Lingo – LOL SWAK

Kids these days learn far more at an earlier age than their parents. They are introduced to computers in grade school and taught how to navigate the World Wide Web in what seems like no time at all. This is progress and a positive thing, but parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing online at all times.

You might be like other parents who view the computer as a foreign object. It won’t bite you, but it can hurt your kids if you don’t know what they are doing on it.

Lesson #2 5 Things You Should Teach your Kids about Social Networking Sites

Have you heard terms like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter? If you haven’t, I guarantee your kids have. These are just a few of the social networking sites where kids can meet other peers and create their own page to highlight who they are. Before letting your kids interact on these or any other teen sites, fill them in on a few precautions in order to help them stay safe.

Lesson #1 5 Guidelines for Safe Computer Use at Home

There once was a time when computers took up an entire room. Now, every household has at least one. If you have computers (desktops and laptops) in your home and the kids have access to them implement a few guidelines to keep them safe while on the Internet.

Everyone in your household values their privacy. If you have teenagers this is most likely a big issue for you now. When it comes to online communication, their privacy will always take a back seat to their safety when they are in control. You lock your home’s door against predators, but unfortunately these slimy thieves have found another way to get in – your computer.

How to get rid of Spyware plus special coupon codes

If you are like most people you get at least 3 to 4 emails, Tweets and FaceBook posts with promises of a Free Teeth Whitening,  “Hey, I made $129 dollars from Google, check out this website xxx.bit.ly/xF556”,  or “Lose weight, remove toxins, FREE trial, heres how! t=HtTp://QwExxxx.cc.com”.   It gets your attention and you click on the links to find out more information. 

How to raise money for your Business

I came across this very creative and inspiring blog post (see link at the end of the article) from Seth Goodin, on how to use creative approaches to raise money for your business from Investors.   As a Small Business Owner,  I am always looking for ways to expand and grow the business.   FYI, hiring a Sales, Marketing, Administrative help, purchasing equipment or investing in new systems all require money.   I have been blessed to be able to get loans from the bank and lines of credit to fund several expansion projects.   However,  Seth’s post offered some ideas that I had not thought about before for raising funds.     I am adding these to my toolbox of tricks and tip.  What are some of the ways you raise funds for business or personal projects?  Leave a comment below.

Seth’s Blog: Debt, equity and a third thing that might work better.

How to Pedal Away your Winter cycling indoor training blues

My brother Shawn called me a few days back to challenge me to a indoor training race via the Internet. My first thought was, “Huh, What?”. I started asking questions and it turns out that he bought a new CycleOps indoor trainer that came with this super cool DVD. You get this cool 40 Mile Criterium race that you race along virtually with a team of Elite Cyclists. Take a look at the Preview video clip.

How to Escape Materialism and Find Happiness – wikiHow

Ever wonder how you can stop following the trend to spend more money and live a happy and meaningful life?  WikiHow came up with a list of 11 steps to do just that.  Not sure how realistic these steps are, but it makes for a thought provoking read.

How to Escape Materialism and Find Happiness – wikiHow.

One of the suggestions, is to “Limit Internet Reading”, that would be tough for me as I am an Internet person.

The top three things you can do to GAIN more weight to impress your friends

This blog post is about the things you can do to gain weight.  Many of the articles on the Internet and the popular books tell you how to eat.  This is my attempt to reverse engineer the weight loss formula.  According to scientific studies, in order to gain one pound, you will only need to consume 3500 extra calories of food. That should not be too hard.  As a matter of fact, I think you could eat with the smartest people in the world and gain a few extra pounds.  After all, you might need the extra pounds in case the recession takes hold and you need to live off the extra weight you gained!  So my goal is to help you pack on a few pounds of prosperous fat to help boost the economy.  With my secret formula, I guarantee you results of 0.5-2 lbs a week which will give you about 25-60 lbs minimum weight gain in a year.  There will be more of you to love in a year.   Let’s get stated.