Be wary of Mutual Funds

I came across this article on why buying most mutual funds are bad for your finances.

This article shows you a better alternative to buying high expense mutual funds.

My advice to you is to do a lot of research before buying any investments. Most people spend hours researching a new car purchase, but spend five minutes researching their investments. Do you know that 90% of Americans will not be able to retire at 55? When was the last time you reviewed your retirement plan? How about the fact that savings rates are at an all time low of less than 0%? This means that the average American is working to live and has no savings. Don’t be one of those people who will have zero dollars at retirement, invest in your financial education and prosper.

Books I like on the stock market

Here is a list of books I have found to be on point in buying and selling stocks. Most of these books agree on the following basic principals:
1. 75-85% of stocks follow the general market trend
2. Don’t buck the odds, follow the market
3. Don’t buy cheap stocks
4. Buy stocks moving up in price and not down
5. Watch the volume of the stocks to confirm increased institutional investor sponsorship
6. Don’t depend on the talking heads on CNBC (etc. etc.) to get your stock tip
7. Hold your winners and cut your losers

Family visit

Family visit to Shawn’s new house in PA for boxing day. From left to right: Mom, Tamara (Shawn’s daughter), Mondi, Sekayi and Roxanne. Posted by Picasa