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The top three things you can do to GAIN more weight to impress your friends

This blog post is about the things you can do to gain weight.  Many of the articles on the Internet and the popular books tell you how to eat.  This is my attempt to reverse engineer the weight loss formula.  According to scientific studies, in order to gain one pound, you will only need to consume 3500 extra calories of food. That should not be too hard.  As a matter of fact, I think you could eat with the smartest people in the world and gain a few extra pounds.  After all, you might need the extra pounds in case the recession takes hold and you need to live off the extra weight you gained!  So my goal is to help you pack on a few pounds of prosperous fat to help boost the economy.  With my secret formula, I guarantee you results of 0.5-2 lbs a week which will give you about 25-60 lbs minimum weight gain in a year.  There will be more of you to love in a year.   Let’s get stated.