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The Flying Scotsman cycling Movie poster

The Flying Scotsman cycling Movie poster

I was on the phone with a cycling buddy of mine and we got into discussing our favorite cycling movies.   We could only come up with four cycling movies that had a substantial cycling theme included with the story.   Here are the four we came up with and my take/review on the movie.  Please post your favorite riding movie in the comment section below.

American Flyer

This is an excellent movie to watch and train indoors with during the off season.  The movie has lots of sprint and break away scenes that will leave your heart rate elevated for a long time and your legs filled with lactic acid (the burn).  I thought the story line was excellent also.   I have watched this movie about 20 times so far.  I need to go on e-bay and find a Specialized Allez bike to restore.  What is your favorite vintage bike?  Leave a comment below.

Breaking Away

Breaking Away riding movie

Breaking Away riding movie

A classic movie. No team jerseys or fancy LOOK pedals.  Just a good old leather fish net helmet, toe clips and detto shoes with the cleats hammered into the leather sole.   That is how we raced as  kids.  There is lots of gritty and leave it all on the line pedal mashing scenes.  No Garmin watches here to check your heart rate.  I love my Garmin though.  Maybe we can superimpose it on the star 😎 using my Apple computer.   There is enough racing scenes in this movie that you could train on your indoor trainer or rollers to get some winter riding done.

Quick Silver

Kevin Bacon did a decent job as a NY bicycle messenger fighting to stay alive.   I would not train to this movie.  I would grab a beer and watch it at 2AM on Saturday night when you are having a hard time falling asleep.  I like this movie because I spent my first two years in the US as a DC bike messenger a long long time ago and can relate to the messenger life.

The Flying Scotsman

I have not seen this movie, but the reviews on Amazon seem to be plentiful. Have you seen this movie?

Please leave a comment below in comments section.  I would love to hear about your favorite cycling movie.



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