Two things to make your Mac OS X Address Book rock!

In this lesson you will lean how to turn on some pretty cool features in your Address Book on your Mac. I especially like to feature to notify everyone in your address book when your information changes. I will show you how to make changes to the default add Contact form to include extra fields that you need.

Help on Address Books general preferences


Wow, I did not know you could sync your address book with Yahoo out of the box. No extra software needed.

Notify people when your information changes


Default Address Book “Add a contact”


Notice there is no field to add the person’s title and website URL. This was always a point of frustration for me. I knew it could be done, but it was not obvious how to get it done.

Add a Field to an existing contact


I finally figured out that you could add several fields to an existing or new contact via the Card menu. It was not quite obvious that you could do this.

Adding fields to add Contact template


You can customize the add Contact template in your Address Book preference

Adding the Title field to the add Contact template


In this example I am adding the person’s job title

Title Field Added


Change the phone number format


The new Default Address Book “Add a contact”



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