Which Apple Mac computer do you recommend I buy Andre?

The question I get asked all the time by my friends is, “Which Apple Mac computer do you recommend I buy Andre?”.   While there is no one answer for this question,  I decided to put my recommendations to my friends down on paper.    For starters,  it all depends on what you will use the Mac for.    If it will be just for web browser, reading e-mail and the occasional word processor box then I recommend you get the cheapest Apple or even a used one from a trusted friends who is into Macs.

Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

The cheapest Mac at the moment is the Mac Mini around $599 or so.   It is the size of five stacked CDs.  All you need would be your existing keyboard, mouse and monitor from your old computer.   It does not include a webcam.  If you plan to expand into multimedia then you would go with a higher end notebook or desktop Apple with a dedicated video card and more memory capacity.  Below I provide my recommendations based on the purpose  that you plan to use the Mac for.

My Mac Recommendations:

Entry Level Mac aka e-mail/web browsing ($599 or so)

Get a mac mini.   You can buy it from Amazon.   You need at least 2GB of memory for all my recommendations to get any proper work done.  Buy the Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop from Amazon.com
PS: It is cheaper to buy your memory from Amazon or Newegg.com vs. Apple.

Nice all round Apple for home or office use ($1100 – $1600)

24 inch iMac Apple

24 inch iMac Apple

Get an  iMac 20″ or 24″ buy your memory from NewEgg to upgrade to 4GB of memory if you plan to do some light multimedia work like creating home movies and burning your own DVD etc.  My personal workhouse computer for my home office is a 24″ iMac

I need a higher end Mac for travel ($1100 up)

13″ MacBook Pro (the lightest MacBook Pro)
See the Available 13 MacBook Pro on Amazon.com Get the cheapest one. There is not a lot of difference between 2.0GHz vs 2.4GHz. The price difference is in the size of the hard drive and processor speed. You can always buy an external hard drive with all the money you save 8-).

15.4 MacBook Pro  (This is my Notebook that I use all the time).
It is a bigger and heavier than the 13″ Macbook but still small enough to travel with.
More 15.4″ MacBook Pro laptops on Amazon

Nice Middle of the Road Mac laptop that is lightweight and easy to travel

I would go for the 13″ MacBook (not the MacBook Pro) it is nice and lightweight

Where should I buy my Mac?

You could head down to your nearest Apple retail Store.  However,  I purchase most of my equipment from Amazon.com, then Apple Refurbished site or Cragislist for a used Mac.  Just make sure that the used Mac you buy on Craigslist has a valid extended care warranty aka Apple Care.

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